Friday, September 10, 2010

What a difference a year makes

There was a posting in of the IDM groups on LinkedIn today that made me take another look at the 2009 Forrester IAM wave report. The report is getting a bit old but it is sometimes interesting to look back and see what has happend in the IAM market over the last year.

In my opinion the biggest change is clearly the aquisition of Sun and the demise of Sun Identity Manager. Suddenly one of the strongest players in the market just disappeared which opened up a lot of room for other systems. One of biggest winners seems to be Courian that suddenly got a shining example of why buying a suite from one of the big boys doesn't neccessarily mean that you have a stronger support and continued development track in front of you.

Other big changes are IBM TIM 5.1, Microsoft Forefront and Oracle 11g.

TIM 5.1 meant that IBM got substantially improved role management, access recertification and group management. I think largely that the features are well implemented but they really don't have the depth that some of the free standing role management tools have (i.e. Oracle Identity Analytics). Martin Kuppinger at Kuppinger Cole wrote an interesting posting about TIM5.1 in his very good blog.

Microsoft Forefront really means that ILM stops being a glorified metadirectory engine and takes the step into being a proper provisioning platform. If I was in a Microsoft only shop and had a business that was trying to deploy ten different Sharepoint portals (don't they all these days?) I would clearly consider taking a deeper look at the product.

Oracle 11g has a lot of nifty new features that I have been talking about in various posts.

Overall I think that the wave still gives a good overview of the IAM marketspace and I am really looking forward to the 2010 version of the Forrester IAM wave.

(Full disclosure note: I have an immediate family members that works for Forrester)

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