Tuesday, August 24, 2010

OIM 11g: X2 is finally here

Back in the summer of 2005 I got trained on a product called Xellerate from a company called Thor Technologies. I really liked some features but a lot of the GUI felt distinctively old and Swing really never was a good GUI framework. No worries mate, said the nice company representative, X2 will be here soon and that will come with a brand new GUI. We even got to see some screenshots that looked quite nice.

As you all know Thor got bought by Oracle and the Oracleization process that turned Xellerate into OIM took a couple of years. Funnily enough the screenshots for OIM 11g are actually very similar to the screenshots that were shown to me in the hot conferance room in London way back in the summer of 2005.

Historically Oracle has often promised very interesting features that were delivered but didn't really have enough functional depth to be really useful until a couple of versions down the line (ORM integration, SPML support and generic connectors are a few examples). Many of the new features have been talked about for many years so hopefully this won't be the case this time.

The new OIM version looks really good with plenty of really strong features. A good feature overview can be found in A Primer on OIM 11g and you can also visit my, hopefully over time growing, list of in depth look at the new features:

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