Thursday, January 12, 2012

IAG magic quadrants and no more Tivoli

A new year has started and as all new years 2012 will certainly bring some interesting new changes.

Gartner published their new Magic Quadrants and this year they invented a new one in the form of "Identity and Access Governance". If you want the report you can get it from Sailpoint. The report really doesn't contain very much information that wasn't made public in the Gartner IAM summit back in November.

Aveksa and Sailpoint continues to lead with Oracle just behind them. It is really fun to see smaller vendors unsettling the larger players. The main surprise is probably that IBM is totally out of the race with essentially no products at all in this space.

I would say that this is not entirely accurate as you can achieve the same functionality as in Sailpoint or Aveksa using a combination of ITIM, a custom request and approval front end and the new IBM Security Role and Policy Manager (IBM RaPM). This would of course require a lot of work so clearly for most new customers the Sailpoint or Aveksa solution looks quite tasty and it is clear that IBM has some catching up to do.

IBM is also renaming most or all their Tivoli products and making their latest acquisition Q1 labs the centerpiece in a new security group. Using a SIEM tool as the center of your security suite is a novel idea and the Q1 user interface is very slick so this may be just the right move for IBM.

The name change will make googling for Tim and Tam information substantially harder as IIM and IAM are already kind of occupied. Makes you long for the good old days of 2011....

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