Monday, September 12, 2011

XACML training workshop in Washington DC

On September 19-20 Axiomatics will be arranging an XACML workshop in Washington DC. I will be there and perhaps I will meet some of my readers.

In my opinion the most interesting aspect of this workshop is that Axiomatics' has managed to establish a fully featured ecosystem around their product. I started looking at the product back in 2009 and at that point it was a useful and very interesting PDP.

The use case I was looking at was online health records for usage in pre and post FDA approval registries and given that Axiomatics had been used in the national Swedish healthcare implementation they had the substantial edge in that the system actually was in production. The main issue with Axiomatics at that point was that getting access to the rest of the pieces that you would need for an actual production implementation would require usage of components that were built or heavily configured by companies that really didn't have any global delivery capability. If your needed the stuff delivered on the Nordic market then it worked fine but if you needed it in the US or Asia Pacific you basically  needed to use another products.

Over the last three years Axiomatics has managed to pick up some really smart people including Gerry Gebel from Burton group. Gerry and the rest of Axiomatics has worked really hard on establishing connections with other product companies whose products fits very well with the PDP as well as professional services organizations that can manage the implementation.

The result of this work can be seen in the speakers list for the XACML workshop. Sailpoint will be there to talk about how you use Sailpoint IdentityIQ to not only provision users to the central user and attribute repository, perhaps an LDAP server from Radiant Logic, but also manage the entire lifecycle of the user including access recertifications. You have Layer7 that talks about how to integrate Axiomatics into your corporate web service gateway or your enterprise SOA platform. Well done Axiomatics!

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