Monday, May 16, 2011

Pass through authentication

One of my readers remarked that one the hardest technical challenges is to migrate things that can't be migrated.

One prime suspect here are password hashes. In most well designed systems you don't store passwords in encrypted in a reversible format but rather in form of one way hashes (preferably with some salt mixed in). This means that the only way to migrate the passwords is through mass cracking which usually isn't feasible or at least shouldn't be feasible.

In TDS there is a very interesting solution to this problem in form of pass through authentication. You essentially let the password field be empty and specify that when the user tries to authenticate simply authenticate against the old system. If the authentication is successful then set the new password in TDS. Very good solution and the design patterns can be easily implemented even if your "authentication repository of choice" doesn't support this functionality natively.

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