Thursday, January 20, 2011

[TIM] Contractor life cycle management in TIM

In IBM Tivoli Identity Manager the most common design for supporting the contractor lifecycle consists of a termination date on the user form and a "lifecycle rule" that basically disables/terminates any contractors who have termination dates in the past.

The update of the termination dates can either be handled by a helpdesk or it can be done directly by the managers as TIM has a very detailed and good user form access engine in the form of the ACL and views which means that you can actually grant access down to the individual field.

The lifecycle rule (scheduled task in OIM speak) is also very easy to implement as you can define an LDAP filter that gives you the users that are ready for termination.

Not very hard at all. At least not as long as your requirements are as simple and straightforward as this.

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