Thursday, November 11, 2010

New to OIM

Back in the bad old days when you started with Thor Xellerate (or a little bit later OIM) you usually got the three day Thor training workshop and then you basically had to figure out things on your own. There was some documentation but most things in the central OIM platform you had to basically reverse engineer and good decompiler and sniffer were your best friends.

Oracle has made great steps forward on the documentation side over the last few years and a lot of the material is available to anyone.

If you are new to OIM I would suggest starting with downloading the OIM install and taking a look at the documentation folder (9.1 release). I would start by reading through the concepts document as this will give you a good overview of what the OIM tool actually can do.

Next step is to implement a couple of the exercises in Oracle by Example. I would suggest the following:

  1. Install and configure OIM
  2. Flat file recon with GTC
  3. Database provisioning using GTC

This will give you an overview of the basic function of OIM, Once you are done with the basics you can continue to explore how to customize the user interface and creating your own connectors.

The Oracle IDM forum is another great resource and if you have a metalink account there is also a lot of good information in the support knowledge DB.

On a slightly more humorous note I suggest So You Want to be a Game Designer. The skill set that makes a good Game Designer is actually quite similar to the skill set you need as an access and identity designer although knowledge of world myths and world religions may be slightly more useful to the game designer (although both can benefit from knowing what Kerberos is).

Welcome and best of luck!


  1. Thanks Martin for these useful links on OIM 9.

    For those who are looking for OIM 11g, I've compiled step by step installation Guide for OIM 11g at


  2. Well, I was a beginner too 1 month ago :) but yes, I learned it with quite a bit of reverse engineering. Documentations are good, but not to an extent where you can solve a problem . Like I have a problem of passing child data to adaptor for the create user process task. The child data is set on the table in DB but I get an error unless I assign the process task effect to the child table. Though my adapter works perfectly, but I still get some data access error. I am thinking to remove the create user task, and instead create a task which is not conditional. I know that will work. There are certain things that documentation does not say , like naming the task. For example, if I have an update Telephone number , then I need to name the task as Telephone Number updated. And then the name of the task before the updated keyword, should match the name of form's field display name. That's crazy. I worked with other IDM products too, but I never had to code for each update field.

  3. Hi,

    Can anyone, please provide me information about the trainer or institute in hyderbad who can train me in OIM?

    Will be of great help. Thank you guys in advance.

  4. The easiest way to get trained on OIM is to join a company, i.e. Sena systems, that does OIM implementation. Many of the systems integrators also sells training packages but that is more geared towards companies.

    Feel free to contact me through Linkedin if you are interested in working for Sena in their Pune office.